Building Your Custom Home Is Easy With Tyler Building Company

If you already have plans and just looking for a quality builder or you need someone to help you from the ground up, Tyler Building Company is the right custom home builder for you.

New Home Construction by Tyler Building Company

If you are considering building a custom home, you should consider a few things before you begin.

  • Location, Location, Location

    Consider the other houses that surround the potential construction site. Are you planning the biggest and most expensive custom home build in the area? In some luxurious neighborhoods, this might be acceptable however most of the time, this can hurt your resell value as the selling price of the surrounding homes impacts the appraisal value of your home. If you plan on staying in this home for 30 years, you may not even care about the appraisal value that far down the road. If that's not the case, then keep the location in mind when looking at the overall build.

    Another aspect of your location that is super important to look at is the land/lot conditions. Often overlooked are the costs of driveways, grass/lawn, garden beds, fences, concrete pads, shrubbery, excessive trees, prepping a building pad or adequate drainage on a new lot. If you are looking at comparing a custom built home to buying an older home to remodel, I have a great guide you can download here. DOWNLOAD OUR FREE GUIDE - BUILDING NEW VS. REMODELING

  • Energy Efficient Homes

    All of our newly built custom homes are up to 30% more energy efficient than homes built just ten years ago. On average, a new home from Tyler Building Company can save up to 3,449 KWH per year: enough energy to power your TV for 11 years; your coffee maker for 32 years; or your washer for 4 years! Source: New Home Source  If you would like to learn more about the Energy Star program and the Environmental Protection Agency just click here.

  • Safety

    When you purchase a new home from Tyler Building Company, not only will you be getting exactly what you want in terms of the homes look, its layout, square footage and more, but you'll also be getting a home that is much safer than an older house. All-new electrical wiring greatly reduces the risk of electrical fire, while other new home components use state-of-the-art safety features to ensure your family is as safe as possible.

  • A Blank Canvas

    The beauty of a custom home is that it is truly a "blank canvas" for you to customize. From the interior decor to the room layout, bathrooms, windows, exterior and more, Tyler Building Company will build your new home to meet your every wish.

Getting Started Is Easy If You Already Own Your Lot

Step 1:
Determine the general idea of what you are looking for in your new custom built home. If this is going to be a home you love to live in then you have to make sure it has all your comforts abound. Think about walk in closets, fireplaces, basements, family rooms, game rooms, libraries, outdoor oasis, etc... What will make you never want to leave? Make a list and do your best to prioritize them. You don't have to be exact or perfect to get started, just jot down what you feel is important to you. You can browse several custom home builder catalogs and magazines to get an idea of what you like. I would suggest to collect these and keep them for the planning meeting. A great place to start is

Step 2: 
Make contact with Tyler Building Company. Will, Nikki and the entire team with Tyler Building Company is committed to providing you with excellent service to help you get the home you've always dreamed of. They will listen to you needs and wants and will work with you to design and build your custom happy place. This is a process that takes time but in the end, the only words we like to hear is "I LOVE IT!"